“DRY KAMBO which is a very different experience – more gentle – no purge – and paired with energy work”

“I’m not even sure where to begin! I have worked with Eduardo now quite a few times. As is the case with many people, i didn’t know what to expect with my first ceremony. So, I was pleasantly surprised, with how comfortable and safe Eduardo made me feel from the second we first spoke! He shared very detailed, and easy to follow instructions and ‘what to expect’ – he is gentle and incredible at guiding the journey and holding such a loving, safe space to heal.

Since that first ceremony, I’ve done 4 or so more. My most recent was ‘DRY KAMBO’ which is a very different experience – more gentle – no purge – and paired with energy work. I laid there, while he performed some Reiki and energy guidance. It was such an incredible experience to feel the physical heat and energy in the areas where I hold trauma. The experience was very freeing — we worked primarily with my throat chakra as I struggle to speak my truth at times… the shifts and freedom I’ve experienced from this session.

If you’re thinking about it, trust me… try!


“The amount of clarity, peace, and focus I experienced for weeks.”

“Eduardo holds incredible space as a practitioner, both profoundly gentle as he is supportive and reassuring. I’ve sat with this medicine several times, and my time with Eduardo was hands down simultaneously the most graceful and powerful experience; the amount of clarity, peace, and focus I experienced for weeks after is testament to the respect and dedication that he gives to both his practice and the people he serves.”


“I felt amazing afterwards.”

“I attended two ceremonies this week with Eduardo @Kambomex. Eduardo has this wonderful calming and loving energy that surrounds him that made my first Kambo ceremony such a sacred experience. I felt amazing afterwards and even attended a second ceremony that week. Eduardo is very knowledgeable, and a skilled practitioner and I highly recommend him as well as Kambo.”


“I received the compassion, love, gratitude, and professional guidance.”

“I had an amazing Kambo experience with Eduardo. He is such a patient and dedicated practitioner and guided the whole ceremony with genuine love. I loved the music and all the details he puts in the ceremony to make it feel special and sacred. He explained the process thoroughly which made it easier to flow and trust the process. This was my first time doing Kambo and I couldn’t have asked for more, I received the compassion, love, gratitude, and professional guidance that I would never expect. I am deeply grateful for the Kambo experience and for Eduardo being the amazing and loving human and soul that he is. Thank you, Eduardo, from the bottom of my heart!”


“It was the most magnificent release I’ve ever experienced.”

“…My experience with Eduardo was so much different than previous experiences and I now understand the calling folks have to this powerful medicine. My purge began shortly after the medicine was applied, but it was not a vomit purge. I began weeping, sobbing into my bucket. When I began to vomit, I continued crying, alternating between purges. It was the most magnificent release I’ve ever experienced. I’m told I passed out and that Eduardo gently caught me and laid me down so that my body and system could reset comfortably. This was the easiest Kambo experience I’ve had so far. I felt safe, comfortable, willing to surrender and show full vulnerability. And I was cared for so spectacularly with love. What a gift this medicine is. What a gift Eduardo is. Gracias, Medicina. ¡Viva Kambo! ”


“I still feel fantastic, much clearer, and nicely purified.”

“I feel amazing! Thank you so much Eduardo. Your wisdom, support, guidance, and kindness definitely helped the process before, during and after the Kambo. Even when my body was uncomfortable with the purge, I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It’s been over a week and I still feel fantastic, much clearer, and nicely purified. I highly recommend Eduardo and his warm expertise with these potent medicines. Thank you for holding such a safe, nurturing space for healing. I learned a lot and look forward to more sessions in the future. With sincere gratitude, thank you for all you do. Many blessings from my heart to yours!”


“This medicine is amazing.”

“I was feeling the call to Kambo very strong, like it was the next step. I am so grateful for Eduardo, he has such a strong, safe, understanding presence of healing and love. It was my first time experiencing Sananga, which was so painful, but Eduardo really helped me stay calm, breathe, and accept the pain, love it, and it passed. I really love the way that he facilitates Kambo, holding space in his heart for my intentions. This medicine is amazing, thank you thank you.”


“I felt right at home.”

”Honored to have worked with Eduardo and Heidi. I felt right at home. Eduardo is a true healer.”


“Each ceremony helped me purge self-destructive feelings and thought patterns.”

“I feel very thankful for the healing Eduardo showed me. did three ceremonies with Eduardo, each time working with Sananga, rapé, and the spirit of tobacco. I drove two hours each time from Phoenix to see him, and I kept coming back because of his deep knowledge of/respect for plant medicine, his non-judgmental demeanor, and his deeply intuitive spirit. I felt very safe sharing my feelings and griefs with him, knowing he could hold them. Each ceremony helped me purge self-destructive feelings and thought patterns. I am grateful to you, Eduardo, and I look forward to working with you again soon.”


“I feel, light. Happy. Like a child again. It was amazing!”

“Eduardo!! Oh, my goshh!! I can’t express enough how thankful I am that you were able to hold sacred space with me and the opportunity to work with the Tobacco Purge ceremony. So much gratitude I feel like I can’t express it enough. I feel sooooo good! I feel, light. Happy. Like a child again. It was amanzing!! I can’t keep the smile off my face haha. The Tobacco really helped me with letting go… …Again, thank you so so so much!! Words can’t explain the thankfulness I feel for you, the medicines, the people, the Earth. And most of all… myself. So much loveeeee to you my friend!! ”


“Dry Kambo, no physical ordeal or purging, everything was being healed, very, very gentle.”

“I want to share how wonderful my experience with Dry Kambo has been. I’d only experienced Kambo a couple of times before and I thought I was ready (with some trepidation) to undergo a new intense encounter with the Spirit of Kambo. But instead of the session I was expecting I was offered the opportunity to receive Kambo through a different approach. 

I had never heard of Dry Kambo and Eduardo took the time to guide me and illustrate the essence of the experience, a deeper connection with the Spirit. I knew it would be the perfect thing for me.

The entire ceremony was magnificent, and Eduardo held space lovingly for hours! Yet I was so completely out of time for the duration that I had no sense of its passage.

On the surface nothing ‘happened,’ no physical ordeal or purging. Yet inside of me I felt everything was happening, everything was being reviewed and healed. The process was strong but very, very gentle. There was no physical intensity to deal with, only the space for a very deep, profound journey and connection with Kambo. 

I was immensely grateful to Eduardo for having opened this door for me. Only a few weeks later I chose to receive Dry Kambo again!

I love it so completely. I feel privileged to have encountered Kambo Spirit in this manner.
Thank you, Eduardo!“


“I am still glowing from all the positive effects.”

”Eduardo is quite frankly… AMAZING! He was caring, loving, funny… in addition to being very knowledgeable, experienced, responsible, and safe! He was great at explaining everything in detail in a straightforward way, which really set my mind at ease. I totally trusted the way he explained the process and how he guided me through it. There wasn’t a time during the ceremony that I felt I couldn’t handle it, thanks to Eduardo. The ceremony was amazing, and I am still glowing from all the positive effects of this amazing medicine. Thank you, Eduardo, and thank you Kambo!!!!”


“I have felt a great sense of peace and joy.”

”I attended my first Kambo ceremony this past weekend with Eduardo. His gentle and heart centered spirit calmed me right away. He was very kind and supportive throughout the process. Since the ceremony, I have felt a great sense of peace and joy that I attribute to this experience.”


“I had an amazing Kambo ceremony.”

“I had an amazing Kambo ceremony with Eduardo a couple weekends ago. The knowledge and passion he has for this medicine can truly be felt. I have never felt as much trust and safety in a person as I did with Eduardo. He vibrates at such a high level, that it rubs off on you just being in his presence. If you are looking for healing using this medicine, I would highly recommend Eduardo. You will not find a better more compassionate practitioner. I will definitely be working with him again. Thank you, Eduardo.”


“An incredible release of old energy”

“What an amazing experience doing Kambo my first time with Eduardo I was a little bit nervous but felt in my heart the Kambo spirit calling me. Eduardo was so calming, generous, I immediately felt very comfortable and connected with him. With his calming energy and love, helped calm my nerves. The experience during Kambo and after Kambo has had an incredible release of old energy, I didn’t even know that I was still holding on to. Can’t wait for my 2nd Kambo Ceremony in less than one week from my first time doing Kambo. I highly recommend Eduardo for your Kambo Ceremony. ”


“You can rest assured you are in very good hands.”

“I could have not asked for a better guide to do this medicine than Eduardo. He explained everything to me with patience and very calmly, from what I was going to feel to how long everything will last. He was taking care of me all the time and being very supportive as well. After a few minutes of him talking and explaining I felt very safe and in good hands. I am grateful for his hospitality and how well he takes care of his guests. I highly recommend everybody to do it, you can rest assured you are in very good hands.”


“My lungs and sinuses felt so great for days.”

“Thank you, Eduardo, I really enjoyed spending time with you and the Chili Pepper cleans you introduced me to. My lungs and sinuses felt so great for days afterwards I will definitely be back for more. Anyone thinking of spending time with Eduardo I recommend you do it and don’t hesitate you will have a beautiful experience.”


“I don’t feel any anxiety.”

“Eduardo is a truly wonderful person, I am shocked at how much better I feel after 2 Kambo Ceremonies recently that he carefully guided me through. I had been suffering from all sorts of illnesses related to the toxins in my body and now feel totally relieved of them. Therefore I had no idea I was carrying all of that around! The second time, he was also able to do some energy work in my chakras and now I don’t feel any anxiety. At All…Ever…!!!!! Yippee! So, honestly, I would recommend everything about Kambomex. Viva Kambo!”


“After one ceremony I feel absolutely incredible.”

“Kambo itself was an incredible experience but it’s Eduardo who makes sure of that. Eduardo is an incredible practitioner. He creates a safe and open environment while the medicine takes its effect. After one ceremony I feel absolutely incredible. If you have any desire to take the next step, I highly recommend Kambo and Eduardo.”