Kambo Ceremony – What Happens?


The topmost layer of your skin is mildly burned using a tiny hot stick which allows it to be peeled off, exposing the epidermis underneath. Just to put your concerns at ease, this peeled off layer is nowhere as deep as a blister. There is no blood whatsoever. Then the dried secretion is mixed with little water to form small fine dots (points).

The finely divided Kambo dots are then applied directly to the burns (gates) marked on the skin. The effects felt immediately since Kambo enters the lymphatic system directly. You may experience an increased heart rate along with a warm to somewhat hot flush around the face and upper body. Others have reported feeling spaced out, dizzy or generally foggy.

You may even experience mild skin tingling and a bit of swelling around the face and lips. This is a perfectly normal reaction as the secretion is rapidly circulating around the body, detecting problematic areas and getting to work on them almost immediately. Your body’s system might initially react strongly, although the effects usually do not last more than 40 minutes.

The Purging Process and Emotional Healing

Kambo is a non-hallucinogen – its job is to only find trouble areas and work to purge the body of toxins. This purging process not only works on a physical level but an emotional one as well, as some have reported receiving messages from their body that signal a healthier sense of existence.

In about an hour or so after the session, you will be feeling better and completely normal. You can go about your regular routine which includes eating and drinking like you normally do. Even if you generally feel tired or feel the need to sleep. This is a normal after-effect. 

Once the Kambo points are removed, the burn points are sealed and dressed up using Peruvian tree sap, known as Dragon’s Blood, Croton lechleri. This will help them heal optimally while ensuring they remain infection-free. The burn marks fade away soon, although this may vary according to skin color. After three months, the same gates (burn points) can be used again to administer Kambo.

A Kambo ceremony usually lasts 2 hours. The time the Kambo points are in your system is between 20 to 40 minutes. However, the average time required for most individuals is anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes.

Kambo Ceremony

Important Information


Other than water, all food and drinks must be strictly avoided 8 hours before the session. Alcohol, coffee, caffeinated drinks, as well as recreational substances, need to be avoided for 24 hours before the session. It’s important also to avoid consuming liquids 2 hours prior to the Kambo ceremony. During your session you may be required to consume about 2 liters water at the beginning and only when your Practitioner tells you when to drink water.

It is recommended that you wear clothes that are loose and comfortable and remove any restrictive jewelry or wearables beforehand.