About Eduardo

Eduardo is a Master Kambo Practitioner and Teacher accredited by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP). He is one of the few IAKP Teachers in the world. He loves teaching the IAKP Kambo practitioner training. Eduardo facilitates private and group Kambo ceremonies. His clients have shared inspiring and life changing testimonials.

Since childhood, Eduardo has been gifted with psychic and healing abilities. He also has trained as an Evidential Medium and has learned and practiced several energetic healing modalities. Eduardo has studied and implemented a variety of natural health alternatives and Amazonian medicines. He holds a master’s degree in Theology and a master’s degree in Law. He speaks fluently English, Spanish, Italian, and German.

Eduardo’s mission is to support his clients’ wellbeing. His ceremonies always provide a safe and empowering experience. He brings all his gifts, talents, and deep connection with Spirit with respect and humility.

Eduardo offers private sessions focusing on complex cases by utilizing new tools and energy work. His own journey working with Kambo and other ancestral medicines has been a game changer in his personal life. He is grateful to Spirit for bringing Kambo into his life.

Using the potent detoxifying properties of Kambo, Eduardo helps you to reach a deep and thorough cleansing effect at a physical and emotional level. Eduardo offers Kambo in Arizona, Kambo in Phoenix, Kambo in Scottsdale, Kambo in Tucson, and many places in the United States and abroad. He is available to travel upon request. Many out-of-state clients travel to Arizona to experience Kambo with Eduardo.

If you are interested in becoming an IAKP Kambo practitioner, please contact Eduardo, or check his upcoming Kambo practitioner training.