Type of Kambo Sessions


Kambo sessions offered in two ways:

  • One-on-one (private session).
  • Kambo Circle (group session of two or more participants).

One on one:

This session has the benefit of focusing 100% on the client. The Kambo practitioner will conduct an initial consultation to determine the best course of action according to the needs of the client. After experiencing Kambo for the first time (Basic Treatment), the client and the practitioner could explore other type of Kambo sessions treatment Options. This way the client could better reach his/her goals.

Kambo Circle:

This is a powerful session as the energy of the participants in the circle, the tribe, amplifies while the group goes through the process at the same time. So, It is a beautiful and powerful way to experience Kambo, as people get to know like-minded people and share their experiences at the end of the ceremony. All participants will get a short consultation before the session starts.

First time participants:

If it is your first time receiving Kambo, then you will receive a Basic Kambo treatment.

Sessions Location:

Kambo sessions offered in Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson. Available to travel upon request.


Sessions Options


Basic Kambo Treatment:

The traditional treatment is generally the most popular one, typically used by Amazonian tribes – for men, the medicine is applied onto the left arm, while for women, it is applied onto the right leg. However, women can also have the points applied in the arms for the very first time, should they prefer.

People receiving Kambo for the first time, will receive a Basic Kambo Treatment. Your practitioner will explain the details.



In a Meridians Kambo Treatment the points are applied directly to certain acupuncture points (Traditional Chinese Medicine) So It works directly on the internal organs to address specific health issues and deep rooted emotions.



In a Chakras Kambo Treatment, the points are applied to the body’s chakras. The body has seven energy centers though which “energy blockages” can be freed in the mind/body system.



The ear has its own unique acupuncture network – working with the traditional Chinese systems and those devised by Dr. Nosier, auricular medicine specialist, In an Auricular or Ear Kambo Treatment, the points are applied through the ear. This way a multiple areas of the body can be reached.


2×2 or 3×3:

A 2×2 Kambo Treatment or a 3×3 Kambo Treatment or initiation, is perfect if you are looking to explore a deeper Kambo cleansing experience, a double or triple treatment is recommended. These sessions are taken twice or three times in a row. A 2×2, is two treatments within two hours. A 3×3, is three treatments within three hours.

This form of treatment is highly beneficial in the sense that it allows the secretion to be more deeply rooted into the body so that its effects can be longer lasting. A 3×3 treatment typically takes a little over three hours. The 3×3 session/ceremony is an initiation created and copyrighted by the founder of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP). Read more about the origins of the 3×3.

Note: a 2×2 or 3×3 session is only recommended for people who have received Kambo several times.



The Kambo Vaccine is a way of receiving Kambo three times in a moon cycle or in a span of 28 days. The idea of the Kambo “vaccine” comes from the Caboclo tradition from Brazil.

This is a very good way to jump-tart your immune system.


Dry Kambo:

A Dry Kambo Treatment is a way of applying Kambo that only certified Advanced or Master Practitioners can offer. This is a very gentle way to experience Kambo. While the experience is not as physically strong as the others, the positive results are powerful in mind, body, and spirit. Energy work is used during this process.

Dry Kambo can be beneficial for people suffering from diverse illnesses, age related issues or for ‘end of life’ clients. Dry Kambo is also a good choice for people who want to experience the benefits of Kambo in a gentler way. This ceremony last between 3 and 4 hours.



The Special Kambo Treatment is ideal for clients who have complicated cases, such as illnesses, getting off antidepressants, detoxing, etc. This treatment requires a consultation and a commitment to do a series of treatments and follow the advice given by the practitioner.

This could be combined with other modalities. Your practitioner would be able to guide you.


Is Kambo for Me?


As long as there are no serious pre-existing health conditions (mentioned in the Contraindications) and medication and/or supplements are disclosed before a session, Kambo can be safely administered to anyone. An IAKP-certified Kambo practitioner gives you the peace of mind and security that you are in safe and responsible hands.

The IAKP Guidelines have laid down certain rules for using Kambo as a mind, body, and spirit cleansing method, including a dedicated section which clearly states who is not suitable for Kambo treatment.