Holding Space

  Holding space in a ceremony is an essential aspect that sets the tone and creates a meaningful experience for all participants. So, It involves creating an environment where participants feel safe, and supported. And respected as they engage in the sacredness...

Kambo | Infections

Infections – Kambo can help with infections as it contains Dermaseptin peptides, which have antimicrobial effects.

Kambo | Immune System

Immune System – Kambo helps to cleanse and heal the body. It encourages the body’s own defenses to work properly.

Kambo | Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain – While Kambo is not a cure, it can help by managing chronic pain. One of the bioactive peptides contained in the Kambo secretion, Dermorphins, have more potent analgesic benefits than morphine.

Kambo | Infertility

Infertility – Kambo can increase fertility by increasing circulation, targeting infections, reducing inflammation and by releasing deep emotions and trauma. Targeting all of these issues can promote fertility.

Kambo | Vascular Conditions

Vascular Conditions – Kambo helps by increasing blood circulation and regulating the cardiovascular system.

Kambo | Cancer

Cancer – The bioactive peptide found in Kambo, Dermaseptin, has antitumor properties.

Kambo | Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease – By increasing blood circulation and helping the connection between neurons, Kambo can help with Alzheimer’s disease.

Kambo | Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression – Kambo can help with anxiety and depression. It cleanses the body, mind, and spirit. Many people experience a sense of peace, ease, and joy after their Kambo Experience. The indigenous Amazonians claim that Kambo lifts the “Panema.”...

Kambo | End-of-Life

End-od-Life – Dry Kambo is a gentler way to experience Kambo for anyone, especially fragile clients and people who are in an End-of-Life stage. While Kambo is not a medicine, it has been helpful in this type of cases, as often people make peace with death,...