Kambo detoxifies and strengthens your immune system.

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Welcome to Kambomex – your journey for sound mind, body and spirit using the cleansing power of Kambo.

What is Kambo?


Kambo is the secretion produced by the giant green monkey tree frog.  The  Phyllomedusa bicolor. This frog lives in the Upper Amazon Basin in South America.

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been collecting the secretion produced by the frogs. They make sure not to harm the frogs. For them, Kambo is “the vaccine of the forest” as they use it to treat most of their illnesses. Indigenous peoples have been using this modality for many generations.

The frog’s secretion does not contain psychoactive substances, it contains peptides. Participating in a session (or ceremony) can boost the immune system, eliminate toxins and cleanse the body. It also clears negative energies and blockages. It brings a renewed vitality to the body, mind and spirit.

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what is kambo

Benefits of Kambo


It can be of great help with the following conditions:

– Cleanses the body by eliminating toxins and strengthening the immune system.

– Helps with anxiety and depression.

– Helps with chronic pain.

– Help with infections.

– Helps with infertility.

– Helps with vascular conditions.

– Help with cancer.

– Helps with Alzheimer’s disease.

– Helps in getting off prescription medication for anxiety and depression.

– Brings a sense of ease, peace, and comfort for people in their End-of-Life stage.

Benefits of Kambo

Why Use Kambo?


The use of Kambo has been gaining popularity in the western culture. Many people are showing interest in learning about its benefits and participating in sessions.

Every day more people are utilizing Kambo to detox their bodies and strengthen their immune system. Many enjoy enhanced mental and psychological clarity in life. People also report experiencing a sense of freedom, peace and serenity after a session.

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon have been using it for many years. They also use it to treat malaria and as a potent way for gaining strength and stamina. They also use it to extract negative energy or “panema” out of their minds and bodies.

You can use Kambo along with other modalities and alternative treatments. It is beneficial in cases like cancer, AIDS, fertility problems, Hepatitis, migraines, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, blood circulation problems and more.

Many healthy people use Kambo just to detox and to cleanse the body, mind and spirit.


Why Use Kambo?

How a Kambo Session Works


During a Kambo session, the practitioner opens the gates (small superficial burns into the skin). Then, frog’s secretion points or dots are applied to the gates for maximum absorption. This process allows the body to absorb the secretion through the lymphatic system. This method is considered to be the best and safest.

Once the substance has entered the lymphatic system, the bioactive peptides present in the secretion lead to certain chemical reactions. The intestines and organs in the body begin to cleanse themselves of toxins. At this time, the count of white blood cells increases, improving the immune system.

By experiencing a Kambo session, you are allowing your body to recover its natural ability to heal. It is common to observe that just after one session, people feel alive and rejuvenated.


How a Kambo Treatment Works