Phyllomedusa bicolor

Kambo is the secretion produced by the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog, otherwise known as the giant green monkey tree frog. This frog lives in the upper Amazon Forest region. The secretion is collected (without harming the frogs). So that Kambo can be administered on the skin’s surface directly.


Why is Kambo Used?

The main purpose of Kambo is to promote deep cleansing within the mind, body, and spirit. It helps the body to remove toxins. So, it also helps at the emotional level, clearing negative energy or panema. It has chemical properties which have proven to be an effective way to improve the body’s health for many conditions including fevers, infections, immune system strengthening, improved strength, stamina and fertility problems.


How is Kambo administered?

The topmost layer of your skin is mildly burned using a tiny hot stick which allows it to be peeled off, exposing the epidermis underneath. Then the dried secretion is mixed with little water to form small fine dots/points. The finely divided Kambo dots are then applied directly to the gates (burns). The effects are felt immediately since Kambo enters the lymphatic system directly. Don’t be alarmed if you experience a warm or slightly hot flush in the upper body and around the face as this is completely normal.

what is Kambo


Will I get permanent scars?

Depending on your skin color and type, burn marks will disappear in time. After the session is complete, the burns are covered up with a natural tree sap. Which ensures optimal healing and prevents the likelihood of an infection.


Is a Kambo session safe?

Under the supervision of an IKAP accredited Kambo practitioner. Kambo is completely safe as long as you do not have any ongoing health conditions. Please check our home page to see a list of these conditions. A previous consultation is required before any session to make sure you are safe to receive Kambo.


Will I get hallucinations during a Kambo treatment?

Kambo is not a hallucinogenic. During a session your state of mind may be altered for a few minutes – a number of people have reported receiving messages and insights.

How soon can I resume normal activities?

You might initially feel the need to rest right after the session; however, you can eat and drink normally in about an hour. Right after the session, depending on your current health. You can resume your day-to-day activities, however it is recommended that you take the day off to rest and integrate.


What is included in the Kambo session?

After you book your appointment, a phone conversation will follow to make sure you are safe to receive Kambo. During the session, you will receive a consultation to address your questions. During the ceremony you might receive energy work to enhance your experience. We also administer other Amazonian medicines like Sananga and Rapé (pronounced “Hapé”) to help deepening your connection with the spirit of the frog and/or removing blockages. We also provide you with post-healing suggestions, telling you how to make the most of your treatment in the days and weeks that follow. And of course, you will receive unconditional love, care, support, and our calm demeanor as we remain by your side from start to finish.